A love of Coffee

Podsi was is the love child of two busy entrepreneurs and amigos from Adelaide and Perth.

Fast Forwards two years and we realised how central coffee became in our mindset, empowerment and motivation. 


Avid coffee lovers, our story started as a small company roasting and selling coffee beans country wide. As busy people, coffee was an essential part of us getting  through the day with the energy and serenity required not to flip on a daily basis and there was a craving for strong, tasty coffee that needed to be soothed. The problem is that many strong coffee pods, imitate flavour and true strength by being roasted in a way that in reality just adds a lot of bitterness.


 Our Mission, We Chose to Accept It! 


Our sole mission was to bring the unique, strong flavour in the blends that we arrived at after much trial and error and share it with all.


But there was a problem in that beans, require grinding, brewing to perfection, steeping all before you can get your hit. That isn't exactly 'get up and go'. Our mission changed to answer the question where to buy the best coffee pods. 

After blood, sweat and tears (not literally - gross.) we came up with a range of coffees that fit into a perfect little coffee pod, whilst retaining much of the cafe barrista style flavour, crema and punch that our customers loved so much in our coffee beans!

We hope you enjoy your Podsi's - the perfect way to get your coffee injection without having to pause life while you do it - whether it's first thing in the morning, taking a quick power break, or if you're one of those coffee addicts that has to have a machine on their desk.


All About Quality!


Our coffee is procured and roasted by the absolute masters of their trade.

That means no false claims, no false flavours and nothing but a high quality sip. 

Because we all know that Coffee and Good Coffee can be very different things!

Our blends are extensively taste tested and don't leave our doors until they're just right! But don't take our word for it, we'll let our flavours and feedback do the talking!

Jay says: Podsi has been a journey with loots of lessons along the path. We found the magic of having a quick, convenient, great-tasting coffee pod to pop on to see us through every early start, tough conversation and difficult decision - and fell in love with it! 



We're excited about our 12 flavours over the coming months - and so are our fans (we love you guys!).

Each flavour will use the freshest beans for that exquisite taste that dances on your tastebuds and stirs up your soul, just like coffee should!

Be sure to join our mailing list to be first in the know with upcoming flvaours and offers - and exclusive deals, just for our podsi people!