Podsi People

What Podsi People Say...

Alan, WA.

"tbh I just drop in to the shop now because you have wicked coffee lol"

Peter, WA.

"Wow, certainly changed my mind about the pod machine that was collecting dust."

Fiona, QLD

"Trying this flavour out for the first time today , absolutely unreal ☕️#podsisgetbetterandbetter"

Adam, NSW

"Best pod coffee I've ever had. Can't rate highly enough. A+."


Andrew, QLD.

"Best pod coffee I’ve ever tasted hands down."

Colm, QLD.

"Really enjoy the ‘Riotous Red’ in the morning and to get me up and going and ‘Something Blue’ for the 3PM pick me up. Really enjoy both coffees easy to drink and very tasty"

Bob, VIC

"I have the Riotous Redness pods ATM, not to strong nice flavour with our without milk, well done Podsi👍😎"

Nigel, WA

"Fantastic coffee"

Kerry, WA.

"My Partner and I are sitting enjoying a really great coffee. Love our Podsi! "

Remi, WA.

"That’s a damn delicious pod you’ve created there!"


"OMG love the pods, strong but with a loverrly flavour, tasted great in my latte :D "

Aaron, SA

"Thanks for the pods, they arrived quickly and taste out of this world!"